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    When will I get my order?

    Normally, you will receive your order within 5 - 7 working days within India. However, there might be a delay due to circumstances beyond our control like natural calamities, bandhs, dharnas or any other social or political conditions. As soon as you place an order, you will be connected with the dispatch stages of the product. You will also receive a link where you can track your order.

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    Can I get my order delivered outside India?

    At the moment, Pinkshink does not deliver outside order. we will soon start worldwide shipping. Keep checking our website for the announcement. However, you can definitely order from outside India if the delivery address is in India.

Orders and Returns

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    What is your return and refund policy?

    We offer an easy 7 day return policy. That is 7 days after the product is delivered to you. You can raise a return request within 7 days of the product being delivered to you. On receiving your return request, we will arrange for shipping the item to our warehouse. Please make sure you include all tags and packaging material, as received, in the return shipment. After we receive the item back, we put it through a quality check, just to ensure that the item is not damaged or used and all the tag, packets are intact. In rare cases, we may ask you to send images of the defect over email. Please note that by doing this we are not doubting your judgement, but we just want to find out if it is genuinely a defect or a print pattern variation, which is common in hand crafted fabrics.

    If everthing is all right, we process the refund, normally within 24 hours after receiving the item. The refund is sent to your original mode of payment account only. In case of COD orders, the refund will be sent to your bank account through online transfer, we will ask for the relevant details in such cases.

    We will process the refund after receipt of the product in original condition by Pinkshink or its business partner. Refund will be processed based on the mode of payment of the order 

    • Orders paid by credit/ debit card will be refunded by credit back to the credit/ debit card within 7 working days and the refund will reflect in the next statement.
    • Orders paid by net banking accounts will be credited back to bank account.
    • For all other modes of payment, we will send a refund cheque. The cheque will be made in favor of the name as in the "billing name" provided at the time of placing the order.

    For orders placed through Discount Codes / Vouchers of www.pinkshink.com, refund would be provided in form of a fresh Discount Codes / Voucher of the same value.

Ethnic Wear Glossary

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    What is Angrakha?

    Angrakha, also spelled as Angarkha, is a traditional garment worn by men and women. It's worn on the upper half of body. In an Angrakha, left part of the garment overlaps the right part of garment slightly, or vice versa.
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    What is Anarkali?

    Anarkali is a long frock style pattern worn in the form of suits with a slim fitted bottom by women.The literal meaning of Anarkali is a delicate bud of a pomegranate flower.

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    What is Ambi print?

    Commonly known as the paisley motif, Ambi print is the mango-shaped print prominently used in fabrics, jewellery, furnishings etc. It is also called Kairi or tear-drop in some regions. By far, this is the most loved and widely used motif in the world of fabrics.  

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    What is churidar?

    A body hugging tight trouser worn with kameez or kurta. Normally a churidar is longer than other pants so that it forms bangle shaped rings near the ankle. That’s why it is called a churidar, churi being the Hindi for bangles.

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    What is salwar kameez?

    Salwar kameez is a traditional outfit for women which includes –salwar, which is a bottom wear and is a pair of loose pleated trousers mostly tapering to a tight fit around the ankles, kameez, a top wear or a shirt that can be stitched in various styles, and a dupatta or a chunni.    

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    What should I buy - readymade salwar kameez or an unstitched dress material?

    If there is no hurry, you should go for an unstitched dress material as you can get it stitched as per your choice, size, taste and requirement.    

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    What is kamalkari?

    Kamalkari is a process of hand painting dress materials with pen using natural dyes.    

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    What is Batik?

    Batik is a process for making designs on fabric like Tie Dye, Shibori, etc, using wax on fabric to prevent dye from penetrating the cloth. Wax is applied to fabric, followed by the dye. The selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing or drawing hot wax over them, and the cloth is then dyed. The parts covered in wax resist the dye and remain the original colour.    

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    What is block printing?

    Block printing or woodblock printing is the process of printing patterns on textiles, usually on cotton, linen or silk, with the help of wooden blocks. Block printing is done manually and hence is a slow but beautiful process.    

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    Why are handmade or handloom dress materials better than power loom?

    Handmade dress materials for women be it for salwar kameez or kurtas, come with the advantage of being unique in terms of quality, durability and suitability for all climates. Handmade cotton or silk dress materials are woven with the best quality threads using traditional art.    

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    What are handmade dress materials?

    Handmade dress materials are the ones that are hand crafted by Indian weavers using traditional skills and techniques like block printing, kamalkari, batik, daabu ec.

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    What is Abaya?

    Abaya is a robe like Islamic dress for women. Traditionally, Abayas used to be black but modern day Abayas are available in a variety of colours. Abaya covers the body right from shoulders to the ankles. While mostly Abayas come in solids, they are also available in embroidery and prints.

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    What is Abhla Bharat?

    Also known as mirror-work, it is a type of embroidery in which small pieces of mirror are attached to the fabric.

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    What is Aari embroidery?

    Aari or Ari embroidery is a form of hand embroidery that is practised primarily in two Indian states - Kashmir and Gujarat. Aari is done with a small hook shaped needle by experienced artisans. This embroidery form creates a pattern of continuous stitches that give shape to floral, animal and abstract motifs. Aari embroidery is mostly practiced on garments, bags and traditional footwear.

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    What is A-line or A line Kurta?

    A-line Kameez or kurta is one which is narrow at the shoulders and it widens as it goes down towards the waist. This gives the garment a flared look as it goes downwards, just like the English alphabet A.

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    What is Applique craft?

    It's a needlework technique in which pictures or patterns are created by attaching small pieces of fabric to a larger one.


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