Kota Doria Sarees and Salwar Suits: A Sight to Behold

Kota Doria Sarees and Salwar Suits:  A Sight to Behold Featured Image

The stark desert landscape of Rajasthan often gets broken by vibrant colors of traditional fabrics. Rajasthan has given the world an array of distinctive fabrics, and one of them is Kota Doria, a delicate blend of pure silk and cotton. The exquisite fabric transforms the desolate desert into a celebration of colors.

More about Kota Doria
The craftsmen use warp weaving to weave the soft, fine cotton and the weft to blend in silk. The result is sheer magic, as the resultant fabric enjoys the best of both worlds - durability from cotton and elegance from silk.

Kota Doria sarees are lightweight and airy, making it the perfect choice for the hot weather conditions in India and other parts of the world. The spectacular-looking saree usually has an array of patterns, but the chequered pattern is the most common.

The pure cotton and silk blend is lovingly decorated with golden zari to give it an opulent appearance. You will be able to find Kota Doria sarees with a choice of borders, but what is fascinating is the vibrant hues that the saree is available in. Brilliant shades of pink, saffron, orange, and blue complete the look and feel of a Kota Doria.

What Makes Kota Doria Unique
The weaving technique that the weavers use makes the fabric finely textured. This lightness of the fabric coupled with the unique colors and combinations makes Kota Doria one-of-a-kind traditional fabric.

Zari is a must in Kota Doria. It adorns the borders, which are usually broad. The rich-looking zari makes these sarees ideal for formal events and office. You will also be able to get Kota Doria with floral motifs. These motifs are usually in complementary light colors and adorn the border and pallu. Many of these sarees can be converted into stunning Kota Doria salwar suits.

Another Kota Doria design that is highly sought-after is the gold and silver zari stripes in the border and across the pallu. The richness of the zari threads makes these designs ideal for festivals, marriages and other formal events hosted in the evenings.

If you want to make your Kota Doria saree collection distinctive, opt for sarees with designer pallus. 

How to Spot an Authentic Kota Doria?
Whether you are an aficionado of Kota Doria sarees or Kota Doria salwar suits, it is essential you can sift out counterfeit Kota Doria from the original one. 
1. When you touch the fabric, you will find that it is soft to touch

2. Kota Doria is not soft throughout. In some sections, the yarn tends to be closer than usual, giving these parts a slightly rough feel

3. The edges of the fabric are uneven due to the loom used to weave these gorgeous creations

4. You will not find loose threads of the motifs on the reverse side of the fabric. It is due to the unique weaving techniques that the weavers use, and it ensures the motifs last a lifetime

5. It is common to find a stray knot or a loose thread in an authentic Kota Doria, but don’t let it worry you

The patterns of Kota Doria are undoubtedly fascinating. Did you know that the weavers initially weave the fabric in white?

Yes, you heard right. It is after weaving that the weaver introduces different colors through washes. The cotton and silk threads used for patterns and motifs are usually dyed in natural vegetable dyes.


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