Kathputlian: A Play That Made Me Fall In Love With Rajasthan!

Weekends can be beyond movies and malls, specially if there are plays like Kathputlian being screened at a theatre near you.

This weekend, surely was a special one as we ditched the comfort zone of an air-conditioned mall for this colourful and meaningful play Kathputlian. Directed by Happy Ranajit, the play is set in Kuldhara village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.

Kathputllian is based on a story by the same name by one of the well known writers of Hindi Literature - Manisha Kulshresth. A perfect representation of human emotions via Rajasthani folk music , dance and puppets make this this play unique and worthy.

The play’s protagonist Sugna dressed in a beautiful cotton bandhni lehenga and chunri and her puppeteer husband in Rajasthani turban bring characters to life through their ecstatic dialogue delivery and flawless acting.

Kathputlian is based on a premise that everyone feels like a puppet (Kathputli) in the hands of society, family, relationships, love, situations, fate and time. Sugna's life was boring and monotonous after her marriage with somebody double his age and a father of two. Her husband Ramkishan is a puppeteer with polio in his leg. She tries to come to terms with her destiny but their lives turn upside down when her ex-lover Jogi, who is a a guide by profession, enters their life. Sugna gets pregnant with Jogi’s child and her family and villagers get furious as it’s a known fact that Ramkishan has undergone a sterilization surgery and cannot be the father of Sugna’s child. Jogi is ready to marry Sugna, and Ramkishan fights with the whole society for Sugna, while the mother-in-law wants to throw Sugna out of the house.

What finally happens should not be revealed by me and deserves to be watched. If you love Rajasthan, its culture, clothes, music, dance everything; you must not miss Kathputlian


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