Hand Block Printed Sarees – A perfect blend of heritage and elegance

When you look at some of the beautiful and elegant prints on a traditional Indian saree, you must have wondered as to how is it possible to get such beautiful and abstract designs on the saree without any sign of color spreading and the fineness of the printed details.

These intricate designs you see on a saree are neither painted with a brush nor printed with a machine; they are printed on the saree with the help of carved wooden blocks dipped in natural ink. Believed to have been originated in Rajasthan, this uniquely Indian printing technique now enjoys broad applications across various dress forms, but nothing could match the sheer elegance of a hand block printed saree. Block printing is an art that has redefined the concept of beautiful prints and has made miniature depictions distinct reality. Favorite motifs such as flowers, patterns, buta, bel, geometrical shapes, floral designs and Kalga can only be transferred to a saree with hand block printing only. In order to ensure uniformity in the designs, the wooden blocks with handles are dipped in the natural color dye and pressed upon the saree fabric, and a slight tap is made before removing the block.

Why are hand block printed sarees loved by everyone?

Hand block printing occupies a distinct place in the Indian fashion and traditions. This unique art form has been preserved and developed over centuries and has refined from a crude form of printing to one of the most exquisite designing techniques in the world.

This art form originated in Rajasthan but now has spread across many states across India, with each state having its own distinct designs and motifs. Though the designs and patterns might differ across the states, the technique for hand block printing remains same throughout, i.e. experienced hands of expert craftsmen using wooden blocks and natural mix of dyes to impart uniform designs on to the saree. Some of the other states where hand block printing is practiced extensively are Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

The reasons as to why hand block printed sarees are loved by every woman are as follows: -

  • The timeless elegance of hand printed motifs: - The beauty and elegance of hand printed motifs cannot be matched by any other printing technique. As these designs are produced manually and are not made in a factory with machines, they never fail to amaze the on-lookers and are sure to make you stand out in any event that you attend. Hand block printing ensures that no two sarees are the same and are unique in their own ways.

  • Depicting Heritage of India: - hand block printing is a distinctively manual process and is performed by experienced artisans having performed the same task over the years. The motifs and designs printed on sarees with hand blocks are uniquely Indian concepts and depict the heritage of our culture and traditions in an effective manner. You can wear them to any occasion and any place, they are bound to impress without fail.

  • Unlimited designs and motifs: - There is no limit on the number of motifs, designs, and patterns available for underhand block printing. The rural artisans who have been practicing this technique over the years are regularly coming up with new and exciting designs. So, you can never be board with the timeless elegance of hand block printed sarees.

  • Compliment traditional Indian look: - If you are trying to nail that traditional Indian look complete with handmade jewelry such as bangles, necklaces, silver sets or tribal jewelry, then a beautifully designed hand block printed saree is all that you need to ace the required appearance.

The sheer simplicity of hand block printed designs lend a unique rustic charm to Indian sarees that represent a perfect blend of heritage and elegance.


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