Cotton: Putting Fashion into Comfort

Cotton  Clothing in fashion

Who said that you have to sacrifice fashion when you opt for comfort? It has long been a misconception that comfort and fashion are analogous to each other. On the contrary, when you are comfortable in your attire, you ooze confidence and individuality, and this makes you cynosure of all eyes. 

Did you know that there is one fabric that can offer comfort as well as fashion without trying too hard? That fabric is cotton. It is a humble yet eye-catching fabric that can easily be transformed into gorgeous creations.  

Cotton: A Long Indian Tradition

Cotton has been synonymous with the Indian culture for eons. It was common in the good old days for people to weave cotton and transform it into functional and practical apparel. However, a lot has changed since then. 

The independence struggle to break the colonial shackles put cotton into the limelight. It became an integral part of the Indian freedom struggle, and became symbolic of the statement - Be Indian, Buy Indian. The humble cotton fabric became the torchbearer of the struggle and an endeavor to find the true Indian identity. 

Since then, cotton has come a long way and transformed itself from the fabric of the masses to the preferred fabric of fashionistas. This would explain the immense popularity of stunning and visually appealing 

block print cotton sarees that have become the mainstay of subtle saree fashion fad. 

Making a Style Statement with Cotton

Style and fashion is not about wearing trendy outfits that are in vogue. Rather, it is about bringing forth the woman in you and wearing an attire that you can own with flair and panache. 

When you are looking to purchase a cotton salwar kameez , make sure that print and color match your personality and skin tone. In addition, look at your body type and then select a cut that will frame it lovingly and add oomph to your appearance. In fact, this should be your yardstick to select any outfit in cotton, be it a saree or salwar kameez.

Your cotton outfit should be an extension of your personality. It should speak volumes about who you are without you uttering a word. That is how you can make a style statement and stay true to it, regardless of what is trending on the catwalks or what celebrities are flaunting. 

Fashion is personal. It should be part of who you are; you shouldn’t opt for anything that is not you - that you cannot identify with. Thankfully, when it comes to soft and caressing cotton, it wins hands down. It has an uncanny ability to elevate any outfit with its eclectic mix of comfort, elegance and heritage.

Fabric for All Seasons

Cotton has usually been touted as the ideal summer fabric, thanks to its lightweight, breathability, moisture-absorbing properties and softness. However, cotton is one fabric that you can don in any season and weather condition. It has the knack to stand tall when other fabrics fall short. 

The fact that cotton fabric comes in sheer to opaque texture makes it one of the most versatile fabrics. In hot, steamy weather, it provides optimal comfort to the skin and body while in the dead of winter, cotton envelops you in a warm cocoon. 

It can be created into stunning patterns and designs to create outfits for everyday use as well for more formal and festive occasions. With cotton, you are never over- or under-dressed; you are always dressed just right.

Style Yourself with Confidence

Unleash the latent fashionista in you to foray into the rich and varied world of cotton. The stunning creations will leave you in awe and you will be overwhelmed with the choices. However, when you choose your cotton outfit with care, taking into consideration your personal style, taste and body type, you will immediately select an attire that becomes an integral part of your personality. It will let you speak to yourself and about yourself. Above all, it will enable you to start a new trend and make a fashion statement that you can own without over-the-top flamboyance. 

Cotton is elegance personified and nothing speaks more about the unique Indian culture than an ethnic attire that is both stunning and comfortable at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? 


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