So true, there are hints of who you are in what you wear! Clothing is a kind of self-expression; and chanderi fabric---the perfect mix of cotton, silk and zari thread has long been related with royalty and tradition.

 Chanderi, for its comfort, class and elegance is a sought after fabric and interestingly has remained so since the era of kings and queens. Should be fascinating to see why it has been catching everyone’s fancy:

 3Cs: Comfort, Class and Culture make the Chanderi silk fabric enviable. While the current generation throng to chanderisarees, chanderikurtis and chanderi silk kurtis, for the ancient Indians, the chanderi silk dress material used to be a part of their royal robes.

 Royal Gold Border: Most of the chanderi dress materials come with zari border, which definitely adds up to the beauty and elegance. This is one of the reasons even our ancient kings and queens always had chanderi silk in their wardrobes.

 Shiny Texture: The shine and transparency are two things which are unique to chanderi fabric. Be it the chanderi cotton fabric or the chanderi silk fabric, there is a unique sheen which makes it stand out and definitely the favourite of the royal excellence.

 High Quality: The yarn used in Chanderi is of a very fine quality, which ensures unique look and durability. The designs are intricate and the weight is light, making the chanderi material the most preferred choice.

 Traditional Value: Chanderi, the town in Madhya Pradesh in Central India, has been famous for Chanderi Fort and the Chanderi fabric, which is a result of traditional methods of hand weaving developed over the centuries and passed down through generations.

 The magic of Chanderi fails to die and its charm keeps forcing us to stuff our wardrobe with chanderi suits, chanderipattusarees, not just because of all the goodness in quality and design but also the lovely colours that are used in this traditional royal fabric.